This is a story all about how...

Cuteness Studios by Phoenix is a collection of art illustrations depicting an angel and variety of topics, first designed sometime back in 1993-94. It has been a journey, a dream to reach this point of publication. 

The angel theme was originally designed for a sock company, for a Christmas design, while I was a receptionist. The owner laughed and said, "No".  I, however, had already fallen in love with the cute angel. Over the next many months, I created more Christmas themed scenes thinking that someday, I would publish them as wall art. 

Over the years since, those first sketches have inspired more scenes for different holidays, seasons and occasions, in different mediums. Sketchbooks, bullet journals and even a glass window at a workplace, I was inspired to keep them alive.

When the first commercially successful coloring books for adults were published in 2012, my eyes got big and my heart pitter-pattered with excitement. I had finally found a much easier way to share these cute angels and their antics. 

It was not to be. Life happened. Technology changed. Coloring books for adults seemed to become a saturated market. I didn't get the designs completed enough to publish. I didn't understand how to publish. Until an iPad and the awe inspiring app, Procreate, came into my life.

Procreate in an Apple app. It's like having access to an entire art shop. Finally! Finally an opportunity to sketch, complete and publish the angels. It took another four years, learning about stickers, and other stationary shops on Etsy and YouTube before reaching the point of preparedness for publishing. 

In 2018, I finally published five kits of digital stickers and coloring pages on Etsy under 'Angels by Nix'. Sold: 0. I still had a lot to learn about properly marketing, getting my shy self out of the way, and expanding my offerings. 

Summer of 2021, my creativity kicked in, and I finally buckled down and prepared a Fall Collection to publish before mid-August. No printer, no sticker cutter for kiss-cut sticker sheets, no supplies, I only had a first generation cracked screen iPad with an Amazon purchased stylus. I got to drawing and created 48 original pieces. It was finally time to set up a shop on Shopify, order a printer and supplies, and started an Instagram.

You now see the results of a 28 year dream. 

Thank you for being here.
Thank you for shopping my small business.
Thank you for loving, and sharing these adorable creations.

You and your business are appreciated.

Cuteness Studios by Phoenix

 Phoenix Cuteness Studios by Phoenix