Launching after 28 years

There are so many exciting things yet to come. 

It has been my dream to share the Signature Angel illustrations for 28 years. Designing the Debut Fall Collection 2021, I started with a single coloring page. Every illustration after came from that page. 

The collevction ended up with the three main topics for this Fall launch. 

  • The Signature Angel. The angel that started it all 28 years ago.
  • Sun-ny Flowers. Because Fall is not Fall without sunflowers.
  • Hot Cocoa. Yummy hot cocoa for cool Fall nights.
  •  and finally, there were additional cute owls and fall leaves to complete the collection.

Thank you for bringing part of this illustration story into your life. I hope you'll love the products and come back for more.


What to look for as we grow:

  • I will be publishing several types of collections from year to year. Look for these types of collections:
    1. Four seasonal collections to celebrate the beauty of each season. We'll try to do Northern and Southern hemispheres as we warm up and get into the groove of creating regularly.
    2. Holiday collections. These will start as traditional major holidays in the United States. It will be fun to bring in lesser-known holidays as soon as we can.
    3. Special Day collections. Think, Pizza Day, or Martian Day. Maybe Dog Day, or even Spaghetti Day. SO many official and non-official days every month to celebrate and illustrate.
    4. Also, I am excited to drop in mystery gifts that won't be published in the shop or elsewhere. We'll leave it up to you as to whether you wish to share yours on social media. 


  • Although I had hoped to have sticker sheets available on launch day, sadly I couldn't make it happen until late September 2021, at the earliest.
    • It didn't seem fair to do a pre-order now because of how long it would take to get the sticker sheets to you
    • You will be notified by email as soon as I can post the sticker sheets for sale.
  • If you'd like to know about the next great items coming to the shop, stay on the subscriber list. 
    • You will get the latest new product announcements and updates before they are shared on social media.
    • There's no set schedule for sending out emails yet. I thank you for your patience as I get it worked out.

 Thank you for the shopping with Cuteness Studios by Phoenix. 
I am delighted to share this dream with you.

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